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Impact of Lead Exposure on Offspring Linked to Mother's Stress Level

According to a study, rats that were placed in high-stress situations while lead was placed in their drinking water, showed different reactions than to the rats exposed to lead only. Also, the study revealed that the amount of long-term stress on the rat's offspring fluctuated when the mother experienced stressful situations. This suggested an apparent relationship between exposure to lead and maternal stress. These findings signified particular importance to lower-income families, where stress can become a major factor. Earlier studies have proven that people with lower socioeconomic status were in a higher risk bracket for developing diseases and other health problems.

Stress is the underlying contributor to many health conditions and now it is showing to affect the lead levels in our bodies. In a past article I wrote on the five most common toxic metals to avoid. There is no question that our ability to cope with stress is one of the major influences that contributes to disease. It is interesting to note that science is now documenting some of the details of how this occurs.

Envirnonmental Health Perspectives May 4, 2004

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