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Doctors Often Cause Needless Radiation Burns

Radiology specialists revealed that a lack of training in the use of radiation has caused patients unnecessary radiation burns from cardiologists and other doctors. Experts claimed that doctors were unaware of the pain they were inflicting upon patients when they performed x-rays during angioplasty procedures. Some of the solutions to this problem included heightened awareness and training programs. Approximately one million angioplasty procedures are performed around the world each year. Of this number, research has estimated that about one case per month has turned up in U.S. courts. Higer incidents of radiation burns were reported in obese patients. Reactions to the radiation burns included hair loss and a rash which could potentially turn into a painful sore ulcer requiring surgery and skin grafts. Other research revealed the increased probability of radiation-induced cancer, particularly with small children who underwent the procedure.

It's alarming that these procedures are becoming more popular considering the dangerous consequences they pose. Folks, this is a no-brainer. X-rays are not your friend. Does this mean you should NEVER have them. Absolutely not. However, they need to be used with extreme caution, if at all, especially if the patient is a young child, as they are particularly susceptible to the damage of radiation. If you haven't read the definitive text on the dangers of X-rays by one of the most prominent scientists in this area, Dr. Gofman, be sure and review the article as it is one of the best I know of on this topic.

Yahoo News! May 7, 2004

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