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High-Flying Doughnut Maker Krispy Kreme Hit by Low-Carb Craze

The popular low-carb diet trend might be causing the one time high-flying doughnut company, Krispy Kreme, to do some belt-tightening. A 10 percent drop in profits and decreased sales have been predicted for the upcoming fiscal year. The low-carb craze didn't have a substantial effect on the doughnut business last year, however its increasing popularity, following the beginning of the year, suggested heightened consumer concerns regarding carbohydrates. The revenues at Krispy Kreme stores experienced a 0.4 percent drop in sales over a 12-week period that ended on April 18th.

It's nice to see that some good news has resulted from the low-carb frenzy. Doughnuts are on my list of the five absolute worst foods you can eat. Not only do they contain zero nutritional value, but they are loaded with trans-fats.

Yahoo News! May 7, 2004

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