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Electric Air Fresheners Can Create Carcinogenic Smog in Your Home

Fragrance molecules emitted by air fresheners that plug into electrical outlets can react with ozone gas to create a potentially harmful smog inside your home, according to EPA researchers. The reactions generate formaldehyde, classed as a probable carcinogen, and related compounds that many experts believe are responsible for respiratory problems. It's best not to introduce any chemicals into your home--and this includes air fresheners. If you are trying to eliminate unpleasant scents try to prevent them from occurring, and if you are using air fresheners because you like the scent you could try therapeutic essential oils instead. If you had a chance to read my previous blog entry on the 2004 Lung Association Report on Air Quality, then you know that there are enough problems with air quality outside of your home--there's no need to create more problems with the air inside of your home by using chemical air fresheners.

Nature May 10, 2004

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