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Good Bacteria May Relieve Autism Symptoms

Good bacteria known as probiotics may soothe the gut problems linked to autism and may even ease psychological symptoms. While it's commonly known that autism involves difficulties with communication and social relationships, many people with autism also suffer from bloating, stomach aches and diarrhea. Children with autism have higher levels of one group of 'bad' bacteria, Clostridia, in their guts, and it is hoped that the probiotics will lower levels of Clostridia and relieve some symptoms of autism. A clinical trial is planned to test the effects of probiotics on autistic individuals. It's great news that the benefits of probiotics are being fully explored, and this is one method that seems worthwhile for autism. Of course, you will also want to look into the link between autism and pasteurized milk and the role of childhood vaccines.

Nature May 5, 2004

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