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How Many Dangerous Pesticides are in Your Body?

Many U.S. residents carry unhealthy levels of pesticides in their bodies, and children, women and Mexican Americans are exposed to the most toxic chemicals. The average person in the study carried 13 of the 23 pesticides they evaluated, and children between 6 and 11 years old were exposed to the nerve-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos at four times the level deemed acceptable by the U.S. EPA. People are exposed to chemicals through air, water and food and even small amounts can be harmful to health. Many of the pesticides have been linked to:

  • Infertility
  • Birth defects
  • Cancer
  • Other serious health ailments

The study recommends that Congress investigate corporate responsibility for pesticide contamination, an EPA ban on using hazardous pesticides, and requiring manufacturers to demonstrate that a pesticide doesn't harm human health before using it, but you can reduce your risk of pesticides on your food now by reading my past article on the topic.

USA Today May 11, 2004

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