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Now You Can Surf in a Pool

I love being in the ocean. Although I have yet to master surfing I certainly enjoy body boarding in Maui's giant waves in the winter. I recently saw the movie Step Into Liquid and I liked it so much I purchased the DVD. Some great action sequences in the end of the film where the surfers go out into the ocean and jet ski out to ride some 66-foot waves. Absolutely amazing.

Although you certainly won't be able to ride waves that big, one of the world's top experts on how waves are formed has started a project that will provide virtually perfect surfing waves indoors. With the push of a button, his patented pool floors will morph into an almost infinite variety of shapes to produce steep 8-foot-high tubes that peel for 100 yards, or gentle 3-foot rollers that peak after 40, or waves that break to the left or right every 12 seconds. If this topic interests you the article below has four pages so be sure and click the hyperlinks at the end.

Wired May 10, 2004

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