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There is Less Sunshine to Go Around

Many people don't understand that sunshine is a vital nutrient, just like fresh air, clean water and high quality food. If we don't receive the appropriate amounts our health will suffer. Unfortunately, respected scientists have confirmed that sunshine has decreased anywhere from 10 to 37% in most of the world. They have only recently begun to fully appreciate the magnitude of pollution particles reflected sunlight. Satellite measurements show that the sun remains as bright as ever, but that less and less sunlight has been making it through the atmosphere to the ground. Makes cod liver oil as important as ever, as it is the best source of oral vitamin D and vitamin D is one of the major benefits we receive when we receive exposure to the sun. However, the more than 1500 wavelengths in sunlight are also necessary to stimulate and nourish our retina and prevent disease like SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

New York Times May 13, 2004

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