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Radiation Danger to Astronauts

Many may not know that my initial goal in life was to be an astronaut. During my last years of high school I applied for and was accepted into the Air Force on route to training that would lead me to be an astronaut. But I experienced the incredible bureaucracy of the government and decided this was something that I did not want to pursue. There was no assurance I would have ever made it into the program but I am so grateful I never even tried.

Over the last decade it became obvious to me that the central, nearly universally undiscussed danger of space travel - - is the radiation danger. NASA today admitted that radiation is among the top biological concerns facing anyone aboard long-duration missions. Among the potential risks are detrimental effects to the central nervous system, tissues of the heart, eyes and digestive track, as well as the hazard of acute radiation sickness if an astronaut were caught in solar flare while on the lunar surface or an extravehicular activity. During the Apollo program NASA astronauts reported seeing bright flashes of light caused by high-energy particles striking the retinas in their eyes.

Just another confirmation to me that God was always looking out for my best long-term interests.

USA Today May 17, 2004

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