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Health Dangers of Pasteurized Cheese Much Greater Than Raw

While raw milk cheeses are currently available in health food stores around the country, if regulators in the European Union and the United States get their way, dairy farmers will soon be required to produce all cheese from pasteurized milk. This would be an unfortunate turn of events as raw cheese, like raw milkand other raw dairy products, is a healthy food choice where its pasteurized counterparts are not. Contrary to popular belief, pasteurized cheeses have been linked to illnesses more frequently than raw milk cheeses, and exhaustive studies show that the incidence of raw milk cheese illness over the past few decades is practically non-existent. Plus, most people find cheeses made from raw milk considerably fuller in flavor. This is because the cheese contains microflora--living, microscopic organisms--that contribute to the taste and aroma, as well as the health benefits, of the finished cheese.

Project Truffle May 2004