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Cilantro May Prevent Food Poisoning

Researchers have identified a compound in cilantro, dodecena, that kills harmful Salmonella bacteria and shows promise as a safe, natural food additive that could help prevent foodborne illness. The researchers found that in laboratory tests, dodecenal was twice as potent as the commonly used medicinal antibiotic gentamicin at killing Salmonella, a frequent and sometimes deadly cause of foodborne illness. Cilatnro can also be used as part of a detoxification protocol to remove mercury. However, one does need to be careful and not use cilantro if it doesn't taste good then you should take the clue and not take it. Personally, I can't tolerate Cilantro and avoid it. Protein nutritional types tend not to do as well with cilantro.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry May 26, 2004

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