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More Choices in Low-Carb Food

It just keeps getting better. Not more than a few months ago nearly every major fast food retailer added low-carb offerings. Now many major food processors will offer products that will taste better and cost far less than some of the ridiculously priced and horrible tasting products that are currently out there. Unfortunately, about 90 percent of the money Americans spend on food goes toward processed foods. Processed food will not produce health, but low-carb food will at least slow down the major driving force of disease: high insulin levels.

The key to staying healthy is starting with high-quality food and preparing it in ways that preserve its health benefits. In other words, eat plenty of raw uncooked foods. This takes more time and many of us are time challenged. Then we come back to the first sentence and become grateful that many fast food chains now offer authentic healthy food choices.It is also important to remember that one-third of people actually need high-carb diets, the carbs just need to be vegetables.

USA Today May 30, 2004

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