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God Doesn't Make Junk

Previously, up to 95 percent of all chromosomes were apparently non-functioning and were otherwise known as "junk" DNA in the scientific community. Imagine the audacity of humans. Just because we can't figure it out, it is junk, superfluous tissue that was a mistake by God. I have seen similar arrogance in the medical community when surgeons remove a non-infected appendix during a routine abdominal surgery "just because they are in there and the "body doesn't need it."

Nearly every surgeon I know has the same attitude for gallbladders and that is one of the reasons so many are removed on a regular basis. Well nothing could be further from the truth. The gallbladder is absolutely essential for emulsifying fats and helping your body absorb fat that is necessary for ideal health. It is very difficult to absorb fish oil or cod liver oil without a gallbladder and will nearly always require the use of enzymatic lipases or bile acid salts.

Well, with respect to DNA, it appears researchers are beginning to understand that some of that DNA has been busily working all along, but they didn't realize it. The less professional arrogance and judgement and more humility we bring to the table when we start to explain the functions of the body the closer to the truth we will come. This is especially true for genetics. Scientists believe they have uncovered the Holy Grail by defining the human genome but they haven't even begun to fathom the complex interactions of the expression of the genetic code, which reaches into the mystifying and enigmatic area of energetic biology.

USA Today June 3, 2004

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