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What do Eating and Insulin Have to do With Aging?

I have written about calorie restriction to maximize lifespan in the past, and it seems to be a reasonable method provided it is done correctly and insulin levels are optimized. Now researchers have found a single protein that controls whether a mammal stores fat or sheds it, and they say the day when people can eat their favorite foods, stay thin and live to be 120 without getting age-induced diabetes or cancer may be nearer than we think. And in another study related to aging, researchers found that insulin also plays a central role. When the chemical messages sent by an insulin-like hormone are blocked inside a few specific cells, the entire body stays healthier longer. The principle: Keep insulin levels low and cells are stronger, staving off infection and age-related diseases such as cancer, dementia and stroke. You can find out much more about insulin's effects on health in this insulin article by Dr. Rosedale.

EurekAlert June 2, 2004

Second Study: EurekAlert June 2, 2004

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