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Exploding Health Costs Ruining Your Paycheck

The price of health insurance is stressing many U.S. families. It is increasing about 20 percent a year and forcing many small businesses to cut back on pay raises or face going out of business. The recent National Federation of Independent Business survey shows that health costs are the No. 1 problem for small businesses.

There is clearly no question that we have an ever-increasing insurance crisis in this country for medical coverage. Please don't let the media persuade you otherwise--this problem is only going to get worse. Until a radical change in the paradigm occurs, health care costs will continue to escalate. The traditional media will, of course, claim that the solution is to levy some new tax to provide these health care benefits to those who cannot afford them. Health savings accounts should begin to make a difference in this area.

This is a prescription for disaster. Another socialized medical system will only repeat the Medicare catastrophe we already have. The solution is to change the entire system. Unless we change the system, drug companies will continue to extract hundreds of billions of dollars from our economy with virtually no benefit--other than making themselves richer. Our country will become increasingly unable to support such an expense without major sacrifices by millions of people.

The solution is to redirect the spending to care that will build the health of the country and provide people with the energy to be more productive. The extra productivity would theoretically create more than enough additional wealth to pay for all the health care that we would need. When our nation is focused on health achievement, rather than disease treatment, the total cost of providing medical care would dramatically decline, because healthy people require less medical resources.

We are not achieving the high levels of health that we could be. More and more people do not have the energy they need to get through the day while millions of others are suffering with painful, crippling diseases because they have violated basic health principles. Many of their choices were made out of ignorance, and it is my vision and passion to make a dent in this mess. I hope to have many of you help with the process as this Web site becomes a major force for good and the alleviation of disease and suffering.

USA Today June 4, 2004

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