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Fructose in Soda Favors Obesity

Drinking beverages containing fructose, a naturally-occurring sugar commonly used to sweeten soft drinks and other beverages, induces a pattern of hormonal responses that may favor the development of obesity. It is estimated that consumption of fructose has increased by 20 percent to 30 percent over the past three decades, a rate of increase similar to that of obesity, which has risen dramatically over the same time span.

The hormonal responses observed after drinking beverages sweetened with fructose are predicted to increase food intake, thereby contributing to weight gain and obesity. Consuming fructose also leads to increased levels of triglycerides, which suggests it may also contribute to heart disease and atherosclerosis. As I have said many times before, fructose is not something that should be in your diet. But if you drink soda it most certainly is. So cutting out soda would be an excellent improvement in this area.

EurekAlert June 4, 2004

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