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Improve Your Memory - - Imagine That

How many of you have been challenged because you forgot to do something? Well the first and most important step is to make sure that you are getting enough beneficial omega-3 fats like cod liver oil. As you age, your ability to engage in what we call controlled or executive functions declines. Executive functions involve deliberate, planned actions that are processed in the brain's frontal cortex. Unfortunately, your frontal cortex shrinks with age, and these frontal processes become less efficient. While your frontal cortex deteriorates with age, brain areas specific to automatic responses stay relatively intact.

The fact led researchers to develop a new technique to improve memory that seems quite effective. The simple act of mentally picturing a future task is turning out to be an inexpensive, simple and highly effective way of making sure important things get done. If you imagine completing the desired act in great detail, you're much more likely to do it. The key is visualizing yourself in as much specific detail as you can successfully completing the task. This is a great application of the law of manifestation. Whatever you focus your intention on you have a high likelihood of manifesting into your reality.

Yahoo! News Juner 4, 2004

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