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Brain "Boot Camp" Relieves Forgetfulness, Improves Memory

Gary Small, a psychiatrist and director of the UCLA Center on Aging has developed a program for improving memory that combines four elements: a special diet, daily physical activity, stress release, memory exercises. The principles are explained in detail in his new book "The Memory Prescription." The diet is high in omega-3 fatty acids, fruits and vegetables, with three meals and three snacks a day. Brief stretching, walking and relaxation exercises are done several times a day, and "memory aerobics," aimed at keeping the brain nimble, take about 15 minutes a day. The researcher says he has evidence that two weeks of such lifestyle changes literally can change brains. Staying in shape, challenging your mind and eating a nutritious diet are definitely important in keeping your mind sharp, especially as you age. You may also be interested in my past article that lists five foods that will specifically help you to increase your mental clarity and ability to think.

USA Today June 7, 2004

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