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One Soda a Day Increases Diabetes Risk 85 Percent

In addition to the many other dangers of soda, drinking more than one sugar-sweetened soft drink a day appears to significantly increase a woman's chances of developing diabetes, says a Harvard study that found the extra sugar does more than just add pounds. Women in the study who drank at least one sugar-sweetened soda a day were 85 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who drank less, researchers said, noting that noted that sugar in liquid foods is particularly problematic. In addition to the sodas' excess calories, their large amount of rapidly absorbable sugars could contribute to obesity and a greater risk of diabetes. Although researchers said diet sodas with sugar substitutes did not increase the chances of developing diabetes, you should be aware that artificial sweeteners carry numerous problems of their own.

USA Today June 8, 2004

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