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Half Price Large Screen TVs

Well shortly after this past Christmas I warned you not to buy a large screen TV yet as Intel had entered the field and their cost would go down by 50 percent in the next year. Here is the first article I found describing that prediction in more detail. Intel has yet to announce their product this year, so it is best to continue waiting. This article makes it abundantly clear that the best value in large screen TVs are ones that use liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) tecnnology. LCoS uses three chips with red, green and blue light can be used to create the picture.

At the start of this year, microdisplays represented only 8 percent of the rear-projection television market worldwide, itself just a sliver of the overall TV business. But by year's end, nearly a quarter of all rear-projection sets will be microdisplay. Without needing tubes to generate an image, microdisplays are up to two-thirds lighter and a third less tall than C.R.T. rear projection sets. The new optics take up less space too, so cabinets are shallower, by 10 inches or more.

The perfect TV has never been built, but for now if you are in the market for a new large screen TV I would definately recommend still waiting for Intel to introduce their LCoS TV in the next few months.

New York Times June 11, 2004

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