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Giving Back to God -- Pay Yourself Second

If you avoid major pitfalls, you can continue to increase your income yearly, short of Alzheimer's. This requires:

  • Above-average thrift
  • Hard work
  • The ability to meet the demand of consumers at a competitive price

Paying yourself second is the second-best way to avoid major pitfalls. Taking one day off per week is the best way, and for a similar reason: abandoning service to the great God more. Do both, and people will someday say of you, as David said of others, there is a course designed for use by churches by Crown Ministries that presents the case for saving and tithing. It extends what John Wesley told his dirt-poor followers in England in the mid-18th century:

  • Earn all you can
  • Save all you can
  • Give all you can

This strategy raised the poorest of the poor into middle-class status within a century, first in the British Isles, then, beginning half a century later, in the United States. Wesley's sermon on "The Use of Money" (1744), is one of the great guides to getting rich, yet it was not designed to make people rich. You can find it on the link below.

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