Rebuttal to the Bezos Washington Post Rebuttal to the Bezos Washington Post


Losing War on Bacteria

The Washington Times interviewed me for another medical opinion on antibiotic-resistant bacteria. I am happy to see that they did print my reference to the much overlooked fact that over 709 percent of the antibiotics used are not for humans, but for agriculture. Fortunately, most expert doctors are realizing that many infections clear up without antibiotics. Ear infections are a classic example as nearly two-thirds of children with uncomplicated ear infections recover from pain and fever within 24 hours of diagnosis without antibiotic treatment and over 80 percent recover within one to seven days.

Occasionally antibiotics are required, however, and can save one's life. If you are put on one it is very important to remember to take a high-quality good bacteria to replace the beneficial bacteria that are killed.

Washington Times June 22, 2004

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