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Breast Milk Removes Stubborn Warts

Swedish doctors found that a cream made from human breast milk and nicknamed Hamlet can dramatically reduce, and often eliminate, stubborn common warts. Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells, which the researchers refer to by the whimsical acronym HAMLET, is the active ingredient that forces the wart cell to self-destruct by accumulating in each cell's nucleus and interfering with its control process.

Common warts, which usually appear on the hands and feet, can be resistant to treatment with creams. After two years of using the cream, all the warts disappeared in 83 percent of the 40 volunteers in the study. Since doctors can cheaply eliminate warts by freezing, the new cream "will probably never be able to compete with existing inexpensive therapies for cutaneous viral warts. What a pity that we need to resort to violent destructive techniques when inexpensive natural ones are available. While this study used a cream my guess is that a few ounces of NON-PASTEURIZED breast milk could be broken out into small doses that could be conveniently used on a daily basis.

My guess is that it would likely work far better than the cream as the cream only had used alpha-lactalbumin-oleic acid extracted from breast milk and breast milk has far more ingredients that are useful to the immune system.

New England Journal of Medicine June 24, 2004 350:2263-2272

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