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Kids Don't Need Glasses

Researchers examined the records of more than 100,000 preschoolers who were screened through a state wide program in Tennessee and found that up to 20 percent of children with normal eyes who undergo comprehensive vision exams may be prescribed glasses they don't need. Some health professionals were more likely to misdiagnose kids than others. Optometrists prescribed glasses 35 percent of the time; general ophthalmologists 12 percent; and pediatric ophthalmologists only 2 percent.

So one of the keys here is to never put your child on glasses if he has only been seen by an optometrist. Go the extra step and have your child examined by a pediatric ophthalmologist as there is a 1700 percent less likelihood that he or she will be prescribed glasses.

But if you really want to avoid glasses then PLEASE read the article I posted two years ago by Dr. Cordain. The reason nearly all children require glasses for vision correction is because they are consuming far too many sugars and grains. This elevated level of insulin from consuming an excess of grains and sugars increases free insulin like growth factor (IGF-1), which then accelerate scleral tissue growth during critical developmental stages thus leading to near sightedness.

The picture on the left is a classic example of why kids need glasses, they are consuming juices and soda instead of pure clean water. One of the most powerful proactive steps any parent can take to prevent their child from needing glasses is to make certain they only drink pure water and eliminate all juices and soda.

USA Today June 24, 2004

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