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Unhealthy Lifestyles Blamed For Bad Teeth in Adults

People with bad teeth can no longer blame their childhood habits. A new study has found that, contrary to common perceptions, an unhealthy adult lifestyle is responsible for poor oral health in later years. Researchers from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, studied data collected from over 300 people. They discovered that the relationship between family background and problems with the teeth and gums diminished with increasing age and eventually became almost insignificant.

Adults who smoked and those from more deprived social circumstances were more likely to suffer tooth loss, the study revealed. Findings suggest that public health interventions relating to oral health should target adults as well as children.

Dental health is one of the keys to staying healthy. Most dentists, like most physicians, really do not understand the foundation of true health. Taking care of your teeth, however, is a bit more complicated, particularly if you've followed conventional dental advice.

The amazing thing about dental health: If you are raised on a diet free of processed foods, grains and sugars, you will likely avoid dental decay and secondary periodontal problems.

Eurekalert June 24, 2004

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