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Even Weeds Have Healing Properties

Researchers who are scouring the tropical forests for exotic plants that can heal the sick may be overlooking the obvious. That's right. Weeds. Those miserable plants that always turn up where they are least welcome account for more than one-third of the plants used in pharmaceuticals. That's despite the fact that only about 3 percent of the world's plant species are classified as weeds. The poppy, used to produce morphine, is the best known medicinal weed, but there are many others used for the motion sickness, cancer medications and more. Now I'm not recommending that you scour your backyard for some weeds to eat. However, I think this really points to the powerful compounds in plants that are useful for the body. This is why eating whole, natural foods--as opposed to the processed ones lining grocery store shelves--is so good for your health, likely in more ways than we even realize.

ABC News June 25, 2004

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