Beware of Splenda's Latest Marketing Ploy

Splenda, brand name for the artificial sweetener sucralose, is making inroads into the mainstream food market, popping up in more than 3,500 products worldwide from ice cream to sodas. And it's aiming for more: Coming this summer is a baking product that is part sugar, part sucralose aimed to target consumers who normally would never think of substituting sugar. According to Splenda's manufacturers, McNeil Nutritionals, market research predicts more than two-thirds of consumers would choose the new Splenda baking product over sugar. The new Splenda product, set to hit store shelves in August, comes in two-pound bags with a recommended price of $6.29 to $6.49, nearly five times more expensive than sugar. Coca-Cola and Pepsi have also announced mid-calorie sodas that are supplemented with Splenda. For the past two years, Splenda has claimed the top spot in the $325 million U.S. retail market for sugar substitutes, eclipsing longtime leader Equal. The Food and Drug Administration so far has approved five sugar substitutes for general use including saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame-K, sucralose and neotame.

Hopefully, though, you will not fall for Splenda's marketing blitz. Splenda is far from healthy and I do not recommend using it in any form. If you are currently using Splenda, or plan to in the future, I highly recommend that you read my past article The Potential Dangers of Sucralose to find out more about the hazards this "healthy" sweetener poses. You can also find out why woman has compared it to a biochemical warfare agent

MSNBC June 25, 2004

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