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Cell Phones May Cut Sperm Count by 30 Percent

Mobile phones may damage men's sperm, according to Hungarian scientists who say carrying a mobile in hip pockets or a holster on the waist--even in standby mode--could cut sperm count by nearly 30 percent. According to the researchers, the prolonged use of cell phones may have a negative effect on sperm production and male fertility. While the study didn't analyze stress levels, the type of jobs the men have and whether they smoked, which could all influence sperm count, it certainly would be wise to use caution with cell phone use. As I have said in the past, it's best to limit your time on cell phones as much as possible, and if you do use one be sure to use a hands-free headset and always keep the phone as far from your body as possible. The worst place you can possibly put a cell phone is next to your head where your brain is, but the radiation exposure can adversely affect any part of your body that is exposed to it over long periods.
Yahoo! News June 28, 2004

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