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Fighting Natural Sleep Harms You

In the 24/7 society we work live and play in, it's hard enough to find the time to fit in the essentials we need to get done without losing valuable sleep every night. For the past six years, modafinil, a small white pill that revs up the central nervous system without the jitteriness of caffeine or the addiction and euphoria of amphetamines, has helped shift workers, frequent fliers and college students burn the midnight oil.

The drug, sold under the brand name Provigil, may be quietly altering the lives of millions of people, but no one knows exactly how it works. As you can imagine, sales of the drug are skyrocketing. One scientist pointed out modafinil is a drug tailored to push people into extreme workaholic behaviors and who are far more obsessed with accomplishments and productivity. Their need to go to bed, a natural check on that tendency, is unfortunately being curbed by a little white pill.

Taking a pill to avoid sleep is dangerous to your health. No question about it, sleep is absolutely one of the basic essentials of good health. You really can't be optimally healthy unless you are sleeping well. If you are having problems sleeping I would suggest reviewing my Guide to a Good Night's Sleep.

Spartanburg Herald-Journal June 29, 2004

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