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Switch Your Microsoft Browser (Internet Explorer) Before It's Too Late

In the last few weeks network security experts saw one of their worst fears realized. Attackers exploited a pair of known but unpatched flaws in Microsoft's Web server software and Internet Explorer browser to compromise seemingly safe Web sites. People who browsed there on Windows computers got infected with malicious code without downloading anything. Folks this is just plain downright unacceptable.

I switched off of Internet Explorer nearly 18 months ago and haven't looked back. I am using Firefox and it is a delight and has none of the security flaws that the Microsoft product has. And best of all it is 100% free as it is open source software.

Another neat feature is that it automatically comes preinstalled with a pop-up blocker. It also allows you to display all your favorites in tiny icons on the menu bar. A wonderful feature that has saved me tens of thousands of clicks by now. You can actually download Firefox from their website.

Business Week June 29, 2004

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