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Healthier Milk is Coming!! Bovine Growth Hormone to Stop

Good news!! It appears highly likely that Monsanto will be phasing out its bovine growth hormone (BGH). 15% of America's 10 million lactating dairy cows at one time were being injected with BGH and total annual sales was about $3 billion.

BGH was the first major biotech food production product approved by the Federal FDA and its approval for recombinant bovine growth hormone remains as the most controversial issue in the agency's history. The FDA's review of human and animal safety for introduction of BGH was criminally flawed. Monsanto's worst nightmare has materialized a mass-based consumer and environmental marketplace pressure campaign in the heartland of GE foods-North America. I am happy to have played a small part in the transition back towards sanity.

Organic Consumer's Association June 2004

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