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More Insane Uses For Statin Drugs

Statins rake in about $15 billion per year in the United States, so I guess it is no surprise that the drug companies feel the need to expand their market even more. The drug companies have been able to fund research supporting their wonder drugs may help prevent a range of other ills, including

  • Alzheimer's
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Breast, colon and prostate cancers

Come on give me a break. Isn't $15 billion enough? They did this three years ago when they manipulated the lowering of national cholesterol guidelines to start their drugs. If it were up to them they would sell their drug in bulk to all local municipalities so we could have it in our water supply. They have brainwashed the doctors so effectively that last week I had a new patient's wife call me from the intensive care unit because her husband had a heart attack and they wanted to put him on Lipitor even though his cholesterol was only 150. Absolute insanity.

Fortunately, information can make a difference and my message is getting out that this is absolute nonsense. If you type in statins in Google there are a quarter of a million hits that come up, but my page explaining the truth about statins is number two. It used to be number one ahead of the NIH, but somehow the American Heart Association sneaked in last week above me.

Folks, just remember that virtually no one needs to be on these drugs, including Dr. Agatston. You may or may not realize that the clueless author of the South Beach Diet actually takes statin drugs. Apparently he is not aware that an optimized version of the low-carb diet he promotes can normalize cholesterol in well over 98 percent of people.

USA Today June 28, 2004

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