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Statin Drugs Can Devastate Your Health

Muscle problems are the most common problems associated with taking the cholesterol lowering drugs, statins. Over 15 million Americans have been hoodwinked to take them so if you are on them or know anyone who is PLEASE warn them about this problem.

A new study found that 98 per cent of patients taking Lipitor developed muscle pain and/or weakness, but one third of those on Mevacor developed the problem. Now muscle problems would be bad enough, especially if they prevent you from putting your foot on the brake when you need to while driving. But they statins also cause the following:

If you are unable to convince the brainwashed person you know that is taking a statin at least have them read the articles on my site. The [index page] is now number one in Google for "statins" ahead of the American Heart Association and NIH page on statins. So many are finding the information useful. If they still decide they want to take them it is imperative that they consume Coenzyme Co-Q10 as this vitally important enzyme blocks the liver's ability to make it and cholesterol.

Don't be clueless like Dr. Agatson, the cardiologist author of South Beach Diet that is taking statin drugs because he isn't aware that dietary modifications are normally all that is required to normalize heart disease risk. It is likely that the major reason why statin drugs work is because they reduce inflammation which can be reduced easily by:

  • Avoid trans fats
  • Avoiding sugar and grains
  • Taking cod liver oil
  • Eat plenty of healthy saturated fats that encourage the production of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins
  • Eat raw coconuts or take coconut oil to protect against bacteria and viruses that can lead to inflammation
  • Avoid reduced-fat milk and powdered miks and scrambled eggs as they contain oxidized cholesterol which has been shown to cause irritation of the artery wall.

Geriatric Times May/June 2004

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