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Vitamin D Necessary to Prevent Gum Disease & Keep Your Teeth

Periodontal disease is a widespread chronic inflammatory disease that leads to much grief and problems in this country. It is the main reason why the elderly lose their teeth. And guess what folks, the answer isn't periodontal surgery.

Not only will vitamin D help keep calcium in the teeth but this study shows that vitamin D has important immunomodulartory effects that help control the bacteria that release proinflammatory cytokines that contribute to bone loss. Folks this is not an insignificant study. Since 85 percent of the people in the United States are deficient in vitamin D, this is a major reason why most people are losing their teeth as they age.

So let's take advantage of the sunshine and expose as much skin as you can during the next few months. If your schedule does not allow you to do that then start consuming cod liver oil as that is clearly the absolute best form of oral vitamin D as it is balanced with vitamin A, which limits potential toxicity risks. But make no mistake about it, we were designed to receive vitamin D from the sun, not from cod liver oil. But it is a nice compromise as we were also designed to eat fish, but thanks to pollution cod liver oil offers one of the most practical ways to address our massive omega-3 deficiency.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition July 2004 80(1);108-113

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