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Sweet Misery: The Medical Horrors of Aspartame

There is a new documentary movie out called Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, that chronicles the medical horrors of aspartame, found in all diet soft drinks, popular diet lemonade products, pudding and more than 5,000 food products. If you aren't yet familiar with all of the diseases associated with this artificial sweetener--diseases like MS, Parkinson's and more--this movie will open your eyes and allow you to see what has been covered up for so long. Take for example that decades ago, Dr. John W. Olney informed G.D. Searle, the producer of aspartame, that aspartic acid caused holes in the brains of mice--the studies showed brain damage.

Searle never gave those studies to the FDA nor did Searle inform the FDA of this study until after aspartame's approval. None of the tests submitted by G.D. Searle to the FDA contradicted these findings. Those who have seen Sweet Misery used adjectives like "incredible" and encourage everyone to see the world's main experts on aspartame 'expose the and rebut the propaganda put out by the pharmaceutical industry in an attempt to cover up this horrendous public health hazard.' Others in the field of medicine who were directly involved with the making of this film maintain, "Anybody who sees this movie will now know the whole story." Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World can be ordered from Sound and Fury Productions.

News With Views July 6, 2004

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