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Vending Machines Getting Healthier

We are making a dent. Canteen Vending Services, one of North America's largest vending machine operators, will announce today its plans to install hundreds of machines with 100 percent better-for-you food choices in 11 cities--including New York, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. It expects to install at least 7,500 such machines in dozens of cities in the next five years.

Among the nutrition-conscious items to be added: fresh melon and berry fruit cups, turkey and reduced-fat Swiss cheese wraps, granola bars, vitamin-enhanced water and even vitamin packs. Over the next 45 days, Canteen will begin replacing some of its best-selling products, such as candy bars, soft drinks and pizza, with nutrition bars, water and salads.

This certainly is a major step in the right direction especially in conjunction with major school districts pulling vending machines out of their schools earlier this year. This is not an insignificant industry folks. I don't think I have ever purchased any food item from a vending machine before, but many people do and they spend $30 billion doing so.

So hang in there folks. Keep on preaching to your friends and relatives. It is working. We ARE making a difference. We ARE changing the culture. We ARE moving forward and we ARE beating the drug companies. They can't stand up to the assault. I can't tell you how much I look forward someday to post similar good progress about the drug companies. It won't come a day too soon from my perspective.

USA Today July 7, 2004

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