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Aspirin Dangerous and Ineffective for People With Heart Failure

Using aspirin for heart disease has been controversial for years, and now aspirin is in the news again. People with heart failure are often put on blood-thinning regimens with aspirin or sometimes Coumadin (warfarin), but a new study indicates that this is not helpful and could even be harmful. Results from the Warfarin/Aspirin Study in Heart Failure (WASH) show that aspirin and warfarin provide no meaningful benefit to patients with heart failure. Further, those participants who received aspirin were twice as likely as patients on warfarin to be hospitalized or to die of a cardiovascular cause and were significantly more likely to have serious gastrointestinal events.

A better and safer option than aspirin is Nattokinase, a powerful enzyme--derived from the food natto--that can dissolve blood clots and has been used safely for over 20 years. Rivaling pharmaceutical agents, Nattokinase seems to have longer lasting beneficial action without the potential for abnormal bleeding. Watch for more news about Nattokinase soon as we will offer this very potent all natural enzyme on the site this fall.

American Heart Journal July 2004;148(1):157-64

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