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Depressed Women More Prone to Metabolic Syndrome

Women who have suffered a bout of depression have increased odds of having metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions such as abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and unhealthy cholesterol levels that set the table for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, according to a recent study. These findings may explain why depression has long been linked to heart disease and other cardiovascular ills.

Researchers believe depressed people are much more likely to develop metabolic syndrome if they do the following things to harm themselves:

  • Smoking
  • Not eating a healthy diet
  • Not exercising
  • Not following medical treatment

Depression may also be linked to body changes that predispose people to metabolic syndrome and sooner or later cardiovascular disease. Scientists warn that women suffering from depression may be particularly vulnerable to medical problems, so they should pay more more attention to their physical and mental health through appropriate treatment.

A consistent exercise plan can go a long way toward lowering your risk of metabolic syndrome.

Yahoo News July 8, 2004

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