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Millions May be at Risk of Cancer Due to Contaminated Polio Vaccine

The link between the polio vaccine, SV40 and cancer is finally making news now that it appears many millions more people than previously thought might have been given polio vaccine contaminated with the monkey virus linked to cancer. It has been known since 1960 that early doses of polio vaccine were widely contaminated with simian virus 40, or SV40, which infects macaque monkeys. Tens of millions of people in the United States and an unknown number in other countries, including the UK, Australia and the former Soviet Union, may have been exposed. Health officials say the problem was eliminated after 1963, but now researchers say the Soviet polio vaccine was contaminated after 1963, possibly until the early 1980s. That means hundreds of millions of people could have been exposed to SV40 after 1963. If you were one of those who received the vaccine you can do something positive to enhance your immune system. Increasing your amount of omega-3 fats in your diet, and decreasing the omega-6 fats, will be a potent step toward suppressing cancer.

New Scientist July 7, 2004

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