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Naps for Sale: New York Company Sells Sleep

New York is called the city that never sleeps, but one small company wants that to change. High above the bustling streets, MetroNaps, a month-old company, offers New York's version of the Spanish siesta: a 20-minute nap. Stressed-out customers arrive in a quiet, darkened room filled with "napping pods" where they sleep for 20 minutes. Nappers are encouraged to sleep just 20 minutes because a longer session tends to leave them more groggy than refreshed. Sleep is certainly not easy to come by for many, but the important thing to remember--whether you want to sleep in a "napping pod" or at home in bed--is that sleep is an integral part of health, and if you don't get enough of it you're setting yourself up for some problems down the road.

CNN July 9, 2004

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