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Headaches Pose Unnoticed Burden

The pain of an unremitting headache may not be newsworthy, but in terms of the cost to human productivity and quality of life, experts believe these pains pose a tremendous burden. Headache disorders affect two-thirds of adult men and more than 80 percent of women in developed countries. They're equally destructive in developing countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Because headaches are not considered a disease and usually don't threaten life, doesn't mean they can't harm the quality of our lives in a meaningful way. The numbers really tell the story: About 5 percent of the population suffer chronic daily headaches, surpassing the frequency of other illnesses.

WHO and several international groups have launched a new campaign to increase awareness. Specifically, the campaign hopes to increase awareness among government and health care authorities. Other groups involved are the International Headache Society, the World Headache Alliance and the European Headache Federation.

According to WHO figures, about half the people who suffer from a headache don't get any treatment. Headaches are one of the leading reasons people miss work and school in the U.S. Between drops in productivity, medical costs and missing work, American industries lose an estimated $50 billion annually.

I am continuously amazed at how effective the eating plan is at controlling the vast majority of headaches, especially severe migraines.

In my experience, more than 75 percent of people show remarkable improvement with their headaches once they modify their diet according to the plan. The wonderful thing is, the headache relief is rapid, usually occurring in the first few days.

Health Scout July 14, 2004

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