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How to Treat Vertigo at Home

People with vertigo can get relief by doing maneuvers at home, and for most people it only takes one treatment to stop it, according to a study. The study involved people with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, an inner ear problem that causes a feeling of spinning or whirling when you move your head into certain positions. The vertigo usually lasts less than a minute. It can be mild or severe enough to cause nausea. It affects an estimated 64 people in every 100,000. In general, the maneuvers are performed by a doctor or therapist, but after one week, 95 percent of those who performed the maneuver called the modified Epley's procedure had no more symptoms. A video showing the maneuvers is available on the Neurology journal Web site,

Neurology July 13, 2004;63(1):150-2

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