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Statins, Calcium a Deadly Mix

Even in cases where cholesterol is controlled, increasing deposits of calcium in coronary arteries may increase the odds of having a heart attack, according to a new study of patients who took statins. Those who had a heart attack during three years of follow up had significantly more buildup of coronary artery calcium than those who did not have a heart attack, despite similar LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels.

Researchers pointed out the continued growth of coronary artery calcium may indicate failure of some patients to benefit from statin therapy and an increased risk of having cardiovascular events.

Although the physician who led the study believes statins greatly reduce the rate of heart attacks--by 35 percent--he wondered why are so many more people still having them.

The bottom line is that treating high cholesterol is one of the absolute easiest things to do in natural medicine. Avoiding grains and sugars, exercising and eating a metabolically-appropriate diet are the keys to normalizing cholesterol in all but one or two people out of 1,000 who have a genetic problem with LDL receptors.

Yahoo News July 14, 2004

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