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The Second Fastest Growing Organic Product After Meat

Pet food is the second fastest growing organic product line sold in the U.S. trailing only meats. Last year, organic pet food sales hit $14 million, a speck of the $15 billion generated by domestic pet food sales. Nevertheless, the Department of Agriculture is formulating guidelines for organic dog food.

The astounding statistic: Organic pet food sales are growing at nearly three times the rate of human organic food sales. Those numbers have pushed this category onto shelves at top natural foods retailers, including Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores.

Right now, more than a dozen companies, most of them small, now make various versions of organic pet foods. A bag of organic pet food often retails for up to twice the price of conventional pet food. In fact, one company produces a 15-pound bag of organic dog food that costs as much as $50 at retail!

Experts advise pet owners check with their veterinarians before switching Fido or Casper to organic food to be sure it contains a balanced diet. Some pet owners, however, believe the extra expense of organic food is a better investment than vet bills.

USA Today July 14, 2004

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