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Cinnamon Oil Better for Killing Mosquitos Than DEET

Cinnamon oil shows promise as a great-smelling, environmentally friendly pesticide, with the ability to kill mosquito larvae more effectively than DEET, according to a new study. The researchers also expect that cinnamon oil could be a good mosquito repellant. Besides being a summer nuisance, mosquitoes pose some major public health problems, carrying such deadly agents as malaria and yellow fever. While conventional pesticide application is often effective in controlling mosquito larvae before they hatch, repeated use of these agents has raised serious environmental and health concerns. DEET, the active chemical in most mosquito repellants, is a deadly and potent neurotoxin and should not be used. Cinnamon oil appears very promising, is inexpensive and even smells great. Other common essential oils, such as catnip, have shown similar promise in fighting off mosquitoes as well.

EurekAlert July 14, 2004

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