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Prescription Drugs Devasting America's Pocketbooks by 50% More!

Prescription drug costs in the United States are taking up a larger portion of Americans' income, a report says. In fact, the portion of income individuals spent on prescription drugs increased about 50 percent between 1998 and 2002. Sadly, states with the highest number of low-income residents, senior citizens and uninsured people had the largest cost burdens. In addition, residents of southern states spent more of their personal incomes on prescription drugs than did people living in other states. Tennessee ranked highest in the nation with residents spending an average of 3.1 percent of their incomes on prescription drugs. Experts say the results show that drug price increases are not sustainable economically, politically or clinically, and the report concludes that the "only practical way to reduce the prescription drug burden is to reduce drug costs."

Of course, the reason why people are buying more drugs is because they aren't paying attention to the basic health truths that I talk about. Instead, and this is largely because our society and media promote it, most people turn to drugs to treat their illnesses. Pharmaceuticals are truly behind the devastation of real health care. The solution? Take control of your health by learning how to stay healthy, and it will help you live longer and better while saving you many thousands over the course of years.

Kaiser Network July 15, 2004

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