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Take a Pill, Get a Workout?

In a breakthrough certain to thrill "couch potatoes," Australian researchers are working on a "vanity" drug that would simulate the effect of exercise.

One health organization has claimed to have identified and unlocked the structure of an enzyme--a protein that kicks off chemical reactions--that turns off the synthesis of fat and cholesterol. Researchers say the enzyme, AMP-activated protein kinase, helps to regulate body weight and appetite.

The enzyme, activated during exercise, accelerates your metabolism to make up for the energy deficit in your muscle that's been created by exercise, according to researchers.

If you really believe taking a pill will solve all your problems with weight, think again. I recently wrote about the dangers of relying on ANY diet drugs to improve your health.

Besides, taking a pill merely solves one piece of a multi-faceted problem. The emotional component of weight loss, which is a challenge for many, is just as important to your health as the nutritious foods you eat and a consistent exercise program.

I would also strongly advise you to use psychological acupressure techniques like EFT.

Yahoo News July 16, 2004

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