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How Many Doctors Does it Take To Heal A Patient?

If you don't understand why I'm so focused on my vision to transform the medical paradigm--one that a growing number of you are starting to pay attention to--the short story that follows looks, sounds and smells like a bad joke but, sad to say, it's all true!

How many doctors and procedures does it take to cure a little boy's pain that all started with a fish bone he accidentially swallowed?

  • One emergency room doctor
  • Two pediatricians
  • Five otolaryngologists
  • Two allergists
  • One family practitioner
  • One physician's assistant
  • One ophthalmologist
  • One pediatric oncologist
  • One pediatric gastroenterologist
  • One pediatric neurologist
  • One chiropractor
  • One osteopath
  • One physical therapist
  • Two CT scans
  • One thyroid ultrasound
  • Two allergy tests
  • Four blood tests

Finally, after more than two years of missed diagnoses, one alternative medicine physician was able to figure it out. The recommendation to consult an alternative medical professional came after a visit to a fifth otolaryngologist the boy's parents consulted, however, and only as a last resort.

What was wrong with the little boy? He had enlarged lymph nodes in his neck and behind one ear and a buildup of lymphatic fluid. The pain apparently was being caused by the pressure of this fluid on nerves in his neck.

This is a classic case of what's wrong with conventional medicine, so focused on using their needless drugs and tests, that doctors failed to observe and treat what was in front of their eyes all along.

If you haven't done so already, I encourage you to review my site and subscribe to my twice-weekly newsletter, but most of all join me in my quest to transform the medical paradigm to one that is sincerely dedicated to listening to the patients' concerns and expressing commitment to their health and well-being at the deepest levels.

Washington Post July 20, 2004

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