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Where is Your Bottled Water Really Coming From?

As the weather gets hotter, people are reaching for bottled water rather than soft drinks and other beverages than ever before. In fact, U.S. consumers spent $9 BILLION on bottled water!

It's not just a matter of calorie-counting: Many people believe bottled water has extra benefits, far beyond what we get from tap water. Guess again... There's a good chance that fancy water you've paid more than a dollar for really comes from the same place--a municipal water supply.

This is one sign of a maturation process for the industry, which after years of relatively high prices and enormous profits is beginning to see price cuts as the big players who entered the game in chase of big bucks fight to retain their marketshare. It's gotten especially competitive because major soft drink manufacturers, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, spent big bucks diving into the business to bolster their lower soft drink sales.

It's imperative that you drink pure water--if the water you are drinking is contaminated then you are harming yourself. I no longer recommend bottled water, not only because it's hard to guarantee the water is from a clean source, but also because of the excessive burden all of these plastic bottles place on the environment.

You're best bet to ensure a clean and affordable water source is to filter your own water at home. Avoid drinking unfiltered tap water, as chlorine and fluoride, which are added to most municipal water supplies, are toxic chemicals that shouldn't be consumed in large quantities.

MSNBC July 21, 2004

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