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Caffeine Worsens Type 2 Diabetes

Although I do believe that soda and fruit juice are worse for most than coffee, this caffeinated drink is not an ideal beverage to include in your diet. This is particularly true for diabetics as now U.S. researchers have found that caffeine could interfere with the body's ability to handle blood sugar, thus worsening type 2 diabetes. The findings are significant enough that the researchers recommend people with diabetes consider reducing or eliminating caffeine from their diets. Caffeine had little effect on glucose and insulin levels when the volunteers fasted, but after a liquid meal, those who were given caffeine had a 21 percent increase in their glucose level and insulin rose 48 percent. So if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, replacing coffee with pure water would be a wise decision. Of course, this would be a wise decision for most, even those without diabetes.

Yahoo! News July 26, 2004

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